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EPIC Metals roof and floor deck ceiling panels are manufactured of steel, which historically has been one of the most recycled materials. The Steel Recycling Institute has reported that the steel industries overall recycling rate has been 88%. The recycling of steel reduces the environmental damage of mining virgin ore and the additional resources necessary to process it into steel. It is estimated by the Steel Recycling Institute that in one year, steel recycling in the U.S. saves the energy equivalent to electrically power approximately 18 million homes each year.

Some of the early buildings constructed with EPIC Metals steel deck have already undergone this cycle of life process. An example of this was the Central Medical Pavilion a 10-story hospital constructed with EPIC steel deck in 1974 which was imploded in 2008 to create the space for a new arena.

EPIC Metals Corporation met the Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Small Business requirements for the Level Silver designation.

EPIC Metals is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and you can read more about the steps that we have been taking by registering for our special access section.

Additionally, EPIC Metals' products are covered within the Steel Deck Institute's Environmental Product Declaration which was certified by Underwriter's Laboratories and can be found at the following link: Environmental Product Declaration


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Haworth Center – Holland, Michigan / Green Roof, Epicore ER3.5A

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