Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

EPIC Metals’ Envista® is a distinctive and interactive design innovation with both visual interest and structural capabilities.

Envista provides the structural system to support the roofing or concrete floor and supplies an attractive ceiling appearance. The Envista System is comprised of five distinctive and interactive components to give architects the ability to arrange the panels to achieve customized architectural ceilings. Envista Roof Deck Ceiling System panels UA, DA, FA, Specular A and FNA have four different appearances and may be specified in many depths to span 12-36 feet. (For Composite Floor Deck Ceiling System information, please register to view the Envista catalog.)

Identical panels can be used repeatedly to create a uniform ceiling appearance or artfully blended to design virtually unlimited ceiling patterns.

The ceiling contours available with Envista improve the absorption of sound waves, lowering noise reverberation time to improve the clarity of speech and music, or simply reduce excessive noise in public spaces. Specify Envista systems as the structural roof/floor deck and decorative ceiling for your next project.

All the beauty of natural wood is now achievable with the spanning power of steel. With spans up to 36’, Envista Timberlok Roof & Floor Decking Ceiling Systems offer all the strength and support of structural steel while giving the warm, distinctive appearance of finished wood grain. Four color finishes are available in Timberlok: Dark Cherry, Colony Maple, Light Maple, and Pine.

Envista recycled steel can contribute to a LEED rating while offering the benefit of an acoustic option to lessen the impact of acoustical reverberation noise on interior public spaces. The addition of Skydeck, a natural daylighting system that utilizes Solatube Tubular Daylighting Systems with the long spans of Timberlok further reduces the need for artificial lighting creating a greater energy savings.

Factory-installed access panels can hide utilities within the interior of the deck spaces. The air dam feature is available for cantilevered decking conditions. An air dam prevents movement of conditioned air from the interior of the deck to the exterior (and vice versa), further reducing the building’s energy usage.

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